8400’s COVID-19 Task Force Dashboard 

~ The power of the Network in action ~

This dashboard, updated daily, collects and synchronizes all 8400

Network initiatives and task forces related to the coronavirus. 

By pooling our efforts and resources and working together in a coordinated way, we are stronger and more effective in helping deal with the multiple challenges posed by the coronavirus. 
The 8400 team is working in accordance with the Israeli Ministry of Health, Israel Innovation Authority, the Israeli Ministry of Social Equality, Israel Ministry of Economy and Industry, Academia, JDC Israel and other public sector leaders, to ensure our support and impact.


“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” 

- Mattie Stepanek 

Can your tech solution be adapted for hospital sanitation and protection of medical staff? Apply here:

https://www.healthil.org/gearupcleanup - a HealthIL & 8400 initiative.