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The 8400 Global Expert Program connects Israeli HealthTech executives with top Global Experts in a mission to drive the Israeli HealthTech economic growth

engine in Israel and abroad. Through the program, Israeli Executives gain access to professional guidance from world-class industry, scientific and clinical experts, as a way to solve their most pressing challenges. Simultaneously, Global Experts have the opportunity to collaborate with, advise, and formally consult cutting-edge Israeli start-ups. The connection, facilitated by the Global Expert Program, breaks down barriers between Israeli start-ups and Global Expertise, while providing an opportunity for further partnership and collaboration leading to long term impact.



The Global Expert Program enabled GistMD to benefit from a wonderful asset, and accomplished it in the most professional, effective and friendly manner.

The selected group of experts is super-impressive, the matching process was  designed and implemented thoughtfully and efficiently, and the ongoing monitoring and feedback is admirable.


Amir Beker Co-Founder & Chairman at GistMD

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Target Audience

Leaders of Israeli HealthTech companies who are trying to solve a specific problem and are looking for a new perspective or outside guidance and support

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