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The Madaei Yesod program - a collaboration between 8400 and the Israeli Medical Association (HARI) aims to advance innovation and entrepreneurship in the field of medicine in Israel. The program provides physicians, from the start of their career, with the understanding, tools, knowledge, and experience necessary to conduct practical medical research in all aspects of medical innovation and entrepreneurship. 

This 6-month program includes 1 month of theoretical training covering fundamentals in HealthTech entrepreneurship and 5 months of practical field work in a medical startup company, submission of a final thesis and an exam.



האינטראקציה בין הרופאים לתעשייה היא תהליך פוקח עיניים לשני הצדדים. התובנות שמתקבלות מהקשר הזה מאפשרות לנו לפתח מוצר טוב יותר


ד"ר עופר שרון מנכ"ל Oncohost

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Target Audience

Medical residents during the period of basic sciences (6 months during their residency training, in which they are required to conduct research and submit a final thesis).

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