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Welcome to the Big Data in Healthcare course
by 8400 the Health Network!

Get ready to discover how Big Data is disrupting the world of Healthcare

This course is co-led academically by Prof. Noam Shomron, Tel Aviv University and Dr. Elan Sasson, Data Science Group, Co-Founder & CEO

How does it work?

1. Two in-person sessions:

  • Course kickoff, February 20th, 4pm | Yaglom Hall, Tel Aviv University

  • Final Session: Hands-on Application,

       June 16th, 6pm | AWS Amazon offices, Tel Aviv

2. Self-paced online learning

3. Midcourse session, April 10th, 6pm | Live on Zoom

All course materials can be found on our learning platform*

Click here to start your learning journey

If you have any questions as you take this course, please contact us at:

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This course was designed with the support of our cherished partners:

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* Please note that all our materials are hosted on the Microsoft Teams online classroom learning platform. In order to access the course materials, you will need to login utilizing the email you provided during the Big Data in Healthcare course registration.

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