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The global HealthTech industry is undergoing an exciting revolution, fostering a new multidisciplinary industry that is based on the synergy between different technologies from the fields of biology and engineering. This approach, known as “bio-convergence” has been identified by the government of Israel as the country’s next growth engine.

The course provides first-mover advantage and access global and local case studies, funding information and a fundamental understanding of what bio-convergence really is and the disruptive opportunities it brings. 



For me, 8400 BioConvergence course was a 5-day networking experience, allowing me to further enjoy cutting-edge science presented in a patient-centric method. BioConvergence resides at the intersection of exponential vectors. 8400 brings this notion to practice.


Moran Almog, MD


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Target Audience

People from academia (PhD+, PIs), industry and health organizations who wish to learn more about the 

BioConvergence Registration October 2021

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