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BioTech: The Next Generation” was originally initiated during the Covid-19 pandemic for teenage children of medical teams from hospitals across Israel, to express gratitude and appreciation to the medical staff who worked around the clock to battle the pandemic. The success of the first class led to the idea of continuing the program for the benefit of Israeli youth in general.

This Innovative program, led by Unistream together with Access Israel, and sponsored by Teva Pharmaceuticals, offers a unique opportunity - introducing Israeli youth into the world of entrepreneurship and Biotech. As it aims for diversity and inclusion, the program enables Israeli teenagers (age 12-18) from diverse backgrounds – Jewish, Arab, teenagers with disabilities, and Teva employees’ children from all over the the country, to experience, study and independently lead a start-up in the fields of Biotech, Medicine, and Pharma from ground up.


Diversity helps increase creativity and productivity and enables an opportunity to connect. The program offers equal opportunities, knowledge, and skills to various groups.
During the program, participants are divided into groups and meet weekly for an intensive study of the worlds of business and entrepreneurship. Each group develops an innovative project in the field of Pharma and biotech, focusing on community, accessibility, and access to medicine, from the initial idea stage to a model. This long journey of acquiring knowledge, skills, and tools, is made possible through the help of their counsellors and mentors - leading businesspeople and Teva employees, who dedicated their time and endless energy to the project’s success.


For further information, please contact

Michal Chomski-Haselman,

Corporate Affairs & ESG, Israel, Teva:



One of the greatest challenges facing us is access to high-quality, advanced, and attainable medicines and medical treatment to as many patients as possible. Today, over 50% of the world population has no access, a third of those who do have access, do not understand the instructions and some third will not be using them after 12 months. This challenge is at the heart of Teva’s core strategy, aiming to improve the life, health, and quality of life of all patients. This is the third consecutive year that Teva is invested in this wonderful program, out of faith that the diverse groups and the unique and personal experience of each participant, each from different background, will contribute to finding new and innovative ideas to promote solutions.


Dr Eran Harari,

SVP, Head of Innovative Medicines, Teva


Unistream believes in equal opportunities to every teenager in Israel and this program is taking it a step forward. It not only gives knowledge and tools for entrepreneurship; it also promotes caring for the environment and inclusion. I do not doubt that working together in teams enriches them, increases creativity, and teaches them to respect one another. I want to thank Teva and Access Israel for the partnership, the will, and the effort to lead to equal opportunities for all Israeli youth to succeed in life.


Ifat Bechor

CEO, Unistream

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