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FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) is an international standard being developed by the FHIR community and supported by HL7, an international standards organization. The FHIR® standard of HL7® was created to enable transparent, smooth, safe data exchange between systems, health organizations, and patients, as well as to industry and academia, both in Israel and globally. 

The Israeli FHIR community (FHIR-IL) was established by a unique collaboration between 8400 The Health Network, The Ministry of Health, Israel Innovation Authority, Digital Israel, Joint ELKA, and Yad Hanadiv, to localize and implement the standard in the Israeli Healthcare ecosystem.

FHIR implementation is a community-based process, continuously expanding through use cases and led by working groups that include members from different ecosystem silos and sectors (e.g., IT companies, HMOs, medical centers, and academia).

Each work group defines the FHIR resources needed for its application and then creates FHIR profiles adjusting these resources to fit the use case and local system needs.

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