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In 'Third Gear' 8400 Impact Program, part of the Optimal Aging program led by the Joint, is aimed at promoting walking and mobility among older adults in the public sphere. Walking has many benefits which can greatly improve the physical and cognitive health and sense of belonging among older adults, while postponing functional decline to the greatest extent possible. It also acts as a social driver, provides meaning and value while relieving loneliness and depression.

This program takes into consideration that the municipal area one lives in has a dramatic effect in contributing to Optimal Aging. Increasing the presence and involvement of the elderly within the public sphere will greatly affect other areas of their lives.

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SpearHealth provides the tools and resources to navigate the complex US healthcare market, identifying unmet needs and the financial incentives. Through the program, I was fortunate to develop meaningful relationships with healthcare experts and fellow entrepreneurs. The in-depth sessions, one-on-one mentorship, and discussions with founders who shared their successes and mistakes continue to guide me on our ongoing journey.


Liat Zussman Cana, Co-Founder & CEO, Health.Ei

Target Audience

Outstanding individuals of both tech and non-tech backgrounds; Entrepreneurs, biz dev extra ordinaires, product specialists, researchers (engineering, math computer or data sciences) and clinicians. 

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