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8400 The Health Network is a non profit that joined the Israeli healthtech & life science (HCLS) ecosystem to make national level impact, turning it into the next growth engine for the country and accelerating cure and wellbeing for the world.
There are substantial gaps in the ecosystem that must be closed so that the ecosystem can thrive and realize its potential.


On a mission to drive an Israeli economic growth engine in HealthTech and accelerate global cure, 8400 The Health Network is weaving and stimulating an active network of HealthTech ecosystem leaders, across silos and sectors, who learn together and create gap-closing projects that will propel a thriving HealthTech industry in Israel. The learning and action of this network focuses on key ecosystem drivers: management talent & skills, policy & regulation, tech transfer, funding, data collaboration and infrastructure.


The Network is built through our Leadership Program in partnership with Harvard Business School, which brings together annual cohorts of senior executive HealthTech leaders from Academia, Business, Payers & Providers, Government and NGOs.

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