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MSc degree in ‘Therapeutics Development and Regulatory Science’

Tel Aviv University is opening a Master’s degree that will encompass the following fields: Therapeutics; Drug Development; Medical Devices; Digital Medicine; Cell and Gene Therapy; Vaccination; Regulation and Approvals. The course will be part of the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University in collaboration with the Israeli Ministry of Health and 8400 Healthtech Network.

Course Directors: Prof. Noam Shomron (Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University) and Dr. Michal Roll (Pharma and Regulatory expert)

Overall Aims: The multidisciplinary academic program will outline key steps in therapeutics development based on partnership between academia, industry and the healthcare system. The program will focus on early developmental stages and regulatory steps in Israel and abroad. It will provide the students with fundamental understanding of the process, give them step by step knowledge about requirements along the way, and tools to solve the hurdles they will encounter.

Enrollment: An acceptance committee will interview the students after sending a letter of intention explaining why they fit this program. Applicants are welcome from graduates of biomedical sciences such as BSc, MSc, PhD, MD, B.Pharm, B.Eng, as well as 4th year undergraduate biomedical engineering students. Minimal average grade for acceptance 85.

The Program: two tracks will be applied; (i) two-year MSc degree with a thesis; (ii) two-year MSc degree with an industry or government internship. Both tracks are expected to take 2 years in total. Both will need to submit, at the end of the period, either a written thesis (according to University regulations), or a work project description (approved by the advisory committee) and a final report (according to set requirements). Courses will be hybrid if needed according to University policy. Every student will choose to take an internship/scientific project in a research laboratory at TAU, in industry, or at the Israeli Ministry of Health. Internship will be approved by the advisory committee prior to commencement. Students from industry are welcome to join, hence courses will be condensed to minimal days a week including week long summer courses.

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Target Audience

The program is geared for a broad community of biomedical, bioengineering and pharmacology research scientists (BSc, MSc, PhD) and physicians (MD) in academia, industry, and regulatory agencies who seek to improve the therapeutics development and evaluation of medical products. The curriculum also fits graduate students who wish to take product development positions in the Healthtech companies, regulatory positions in the healthcare system, and leadership positions in guiding agencies (such as the Israeli Ministry of Health). The goal is to enroll >30 students from all fields per year from a heterogeneous population (academia, industry, and regulatory agencies).


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