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About the SpearHealth Program

The SpearHealth program cherry picks top tech and business talent from technology & elite combat units, providing them with a solid foundation to segue from Hi Tech into HealthTech resulting in promising new ventures and career paths.

During a 9-week program, participants are introduced to specifically crafted knowledge and tools, stakeholders, and emerging trends in healthcare. The program incorporates case studies, workshops, and hands-on learning, led by key industry and ecosystem leaders, that introduces life sciences, BioConvergence, concepts in healthcare delivery, and business development. Program participants benefit from ongoing support in ideation and mentorship to accelerate and propel their early-stage ventures.

Target Audience: Outstanding individuals of both tech and non-tech backgrounds; Entrepreneurs, biz dev Extraordinaires, product specialists, researchers (engineering, math computer or data sciences) and clinicians.

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The program was my gateway to a new content area and incredible network.

Daniel Sadot, Entrepreneur

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Abuot SpearHealth

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