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Women comprise about 70% of the HealthTech industry workforce. However, they are still dramatically underrepresented in top leadership positions with only 2 women CEOs out of a total of 60 CEOs and chairman listed in the Biomed index.

The Women executive (WE) launchpad program aims to promote junior female managers into executive positions throughout the HealthTech ecosystem. 

The 8-month program includes acquiring essential professional skills, inspirational sessions with leading women in the ecosystem and networking with a strong peer-community with mentorship opportunities through synergy with the 8400 Health Network. 




There is no greater force than remarkable, inspiring, strong women gathered together. We strive to empower one another, to break out of our comfort zones, to break down boundaries, and to aspire to the highest levels.


Dorit Kori Maliach, Medison Pharma


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Target Audience

High potential women with strong capabilities, excellence and professionalism, coming from all sectors including academia, hospitals, industry startups, VCs, incubators, SMEs and large corporates currently in their first or second managerial position in HealthTech or at a professional crossroad inquiring where they want to go next. 

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